“Street Woman Fighter” Dancer Rozalin Shares All Of The Celebrity DM’s She’s Received

But it’s not for the reasons you think!

Mnet‘s Street Woman Fighter has quickly gone on to become one of the most talked about programs in South Korea, as the show continues to make headlines after each episode premiere. As the show continues to experience all types of popularity, some of the contestants have also begun to experience their share of stardom and the latest dancer to experience is it none other than Rozalin.

Dancer and choreographer, Rozalin | @rozallllll/Instagram

Rozalin is a dancer and choreographer under WANT dance crew, who has received attention for her work with numerous different idols, including aespa and her part in the “Next Level” choreography. Her cute visuals and fierce dance moves have captivated the show’s viewers, as she continues to slay with each of her appearances.

Rozalin (top right corner) with her dance crew, WANT | Mnet

And while she continues to impress with her dancing abilities on the survival program, Rozalin has started to gain a massive support system from her celebrity friends! She recently shared all of the supportive direct messages she has been receiving on her Instagram account in an adorable story.

With a collage of all of the different DM’s she’s received, she shared this caption:

Rozalin’s Instagram story with all of the DM’s | @rozallllll/Instagram

I am so grateful to my ‘Hanlim Arts School’ superstars. I am feeling a little nostalgic thinking about our past. Thank you for the support, you gorgeous people.

— Rozalin @rozallllll/Instagram

All of the verified blue check marks are not a coincidence, as Rozalin received a supportive direct message from singer Baek Ye Rin,

Baek Yerin | TV Daily

True Beauty actress Park Yoo Na,

Park Yoona in “True Beauty” | tvN

and MOMOLAND‘s JooE!


All four of these stars attended the famous Hanlim Multi Art School and are alumni of the high school, which may have been the start of their friendship.

You can catch Rozalin on Street Woman Fighter every Tuesday on Mnet!

Source: WikiTree