“Street Woman Fighter”‘s Rozalin Gets Criticized For Her Alleged Involvement In Numerous Scams

“We are requesting that you return the product.”

A dancer on Mnet‘s Street Woman Fighter has found herself in a bit of a sticky situation after a PR company called her out on her Instagram page.

Dancer Rozalin | @rozallllll/Instagram

Rozalin from the WANT dance crew on the Mnet dancing program is being met with criticisms as she faces a sponsorship controversy. PR items or promotional items, are usually given to a public figure for “free” to utilize during their broadcasting schedules.

This is usually seen as a win-win situation due to the natural exposure for the brand — all while the star is given “free” new outfits, clothes, accessories, etc to wear to their numerous different schedules. While some stars get to keep the items, most of the time, the products are returned back to the company.

Rozalin (top right) in promotional poster for “Street Woman Fighter” | Mnet

And as do most public figures, it seems that Rozalin was given some PR items to use a few years agoWhile her case was that she would return the items back to the Korean PR company Pink Rain, it seems that Rozalin did not return the items within the agreed return time frame.

The talented dancer was called out by Korean PR company Pink Rain two years ago, as the agency left a comment detailing the situation under one of Rozalin’s Instagram posts.

Pink Rain’s comment under Rozalin’s Instagram post.

Hello this is Pink Rain. We can’t seem to contact you so we are leaving you this comment. There has been no contact made and the deadline is now way past overdue.

We are requesting that you return the product. If there are any tag or product defects, we ask that you cover that cost. We ask that you complete it within this week.

We want to reiterate the fact that you have already been informed of all this. We want to inform you once again that a legal proceeding is possible. Please contact us as soon as you can.

— Pink Rain PR company @pr___market/Instagram

| @rozallllll/Instagram

While this PR message was from a few years ago, this issue became re-highlighted due to her most recent ongoing controversy. This issue involves an anonymous netizen, who recently came forward to accuse Rozalin of stealing ₩2.60 million KRW (about $2,190 USD) of lesson fees.

| @rozallllll/Instagram

The netizen uploaded screenshots of the messages they allegedly shared with Rozalin that presented themselves as evidence. According to the netizen, they paid Rozalin a total of ₩2.90 million KRW (about $2,440 USD) to get private dance lessons from the dancer after “falling in love with her dancing technique.” They agreed to private dance lessons once a week for 1.5 hours for the month of April 2020.

However, as the weeks went by, the netizen claimed that the private lessons began to get cancelled one-by-one. When they confronted Rozalin about a refund, the netizen alleged that the Street Woman Fighter participant refused, stating that she had already “suffered too much creating work.” Rozalin reportedly offered to refund a lesson fee of ₩500,000 KRW (about $421 USD) to the netizen.

| @rozallllll/Instagram

As these two instances began to circulate online, netizens poured out their criticisms for Rozalin and her “indecent” personality.

| theqoo
  • “She’s young, but she lives such an indecent lifestyle.”
  • “Wow.”
  • “Wow, this is pretty bad…she’s an adult, but it seems that her mindset with money is unstable.”
  • “I wonder what her problem is…is it that she has no common courtesy…I don’t get itㅠ.”
  • “This is bad…”
  • “I supported her, but I’m disappointed.”
  • “She’s a habitual stealer — — why does she live that way.”
| @rozallllll/Instagram

Rozalin has yet to respond to the ongoing controversies. Stay tuned for further updates.

Source: theqoo, WikiTree and Insight