Here Are The Hardships Suffered By Professional Dancers, According To “Street Woman Fighter” Contestants Rozalin And Emma

Despite their hard work, they don’t always get recognition.

Although Mnet‘s Street Woman Fighter recently ended, the show has quickly gained love from fans worldwide and shone a light on professional dancers. With this spotlight, the dancers have been able to share their experiences as professional dancers.

Recently, Team WANT’s Emma and Rozalin appeared in an editorial for Cosmopolitan Korea, where they shared the misconceptions about being a dancer, their experiences on the show, and much more.

Team WANT’s Emma and Rozalin | @rozalllll/ Instagram

During the show, the members of Team WANT showcased their talent and caught the attention of fans for their powerful performances. Yet, for Rozalin, away from the show, she believes that they don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

Although many dancers go to a lot of work to create choreography for idols and other performers, Rozalin explained that they don’t always get the credit they deserve for the dances they choreograph for idols.

Rozalin and Emma (far right) with the other members of team WANT | Mnet

Although the lack of public recognition needs to change, something is more essential for them and is an extremely serious issue. In particular, Emma explained that dancers don’t receive royalties for their work.

Composers get paid for songs and copyrights, but dancers sometimes don’t even get draft fees. Even if the choreography is chosen, the choreography fee is not as high as you think.

— Emma

Rozalin and fellow dancer Noze | @rozalllll/ Instagram

When composers write songs for idols, they will earn a certain amount of money depending on the success of the song. Yet, although many might see lyrics and music as more important, choreography is a key part of idol’s performances.


She then added that, despite putting in a lot of effort into creating the choreography for various artists and events, they don’t get the credit and payment they deserve.

We put in a lot of effort into the choreography and perform during artist concerts and on many music shows.

— Emma

Team WANT at KCON 2021

However, she explained that it wasn’t the case that the dancers didn’t fight for the same rights. Emma added that they wanted to create a union to help these issues, but it wasn’t welcomed.

In the past, the “Choreographer’s Copyright Association” was almost formed, but it didn’t go went well. Through this program, I hope an atmosphere will be created where choreographers can be treated fairly.

— Emma

Team WANT’s Emma | @eemmasong/ Instagram

Professional dancers are key in creating choreography for many K-Pop idols, and it is a shame to see the lack of recognition and rewards they get for their hard work. From creating choreography guides to much more, there is so much talent and passion.

Hopefully, things can begin to change with the show’s platform and popularity, and dancers can get the credit they deserve. You can read more from that interview below.

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