“Street Woman Fighter” Star Honey J Gains Attention For Dancing While Heavily Pregnant

“She’s got to be the coolest pregnant person I know!”

Street Woman Fighter dancer and overall bad*ss queen Honey J has attracted much attention after appearing and dancing on stage while pregnant!

Holy Bang’s Honey J | @__honey.j__/Instagram

In September 2022,  Honey J shared the news of her impending marriage on her Instagram account and that she was expecting a child.

Fans were excited about the star’s future, and she kept fans updated on how she was doing in photos.

| @__honey.j__/Instagram

She has also shown how active she’s remained throughout her pregnancy, as expected from the talented dancer. Honey J impressed fans with her performance during the WHOOP FESTIVAL in Bangkok, Thailand, during her pregnancy’s earlier stages.

Now the singer has impressed fans even more by dancing while heavily pregnant!

As part of Holy Bang, Honey J was one of the special guests at the Rivers Dance Crew‘s 25th-anniversary dance crew battle.

At some point in the competition, Honey J got on stage to do a special performance of “Antidote” by Nao featuring Adekunle Gold. This song was released as an ode to both singers’ children, so this performance likely had a special meaning for Honey J too!

Netizens were especially impressed by how light she seemed on her feet despite being so heavily pregnant!

  • She must have a lot of muscle. And a solid core, too… She’s so cool. T-T
  • Seriously? She’s so cool. I wish her a safe and healthy delivery!
  • Wow… It’s not easy to stay up on two feet [while pregnant]. But she’s dancing?! F*cking amazing.
  • It looks like she’s ready to deliver any minute now. So for her to be able to dance like this… She’s amazing. How impressive!
  • Whoa… She has got to be the coolest pregnant woman I know… And she looks so happy to be on stage dancing. I bet her baby’s going to have mad talent, too.
  • Wow, time flies. Doesn’t it? Wishing you a safe and healthy delivery, Honey J!

You can check out a video of her performance below!

Source: The Qoo