“Street Woman Fighter” WAYB’s Leesu Clears Up Bullying Controversy

She also apologized for being a bystander.

Mnet‘s Street Woman Fighter has recently been gaining traction and popularity. One of their dancers, WAYB‘s Leesu, faced school violence controversies shortly after the third episode aired.

On September 18, 2021, Leesu took to her Instagram to personally clear up the accusations. She explained that she personally met up with the accuser and had a conversation. They solved the issue through conversation and she ended up receiving an apology from the accuser as well. She also apologized for being a bystander and for supporting the matter even if she did not instigate it.

Hello. This is Leesu from WAYB on Street Woman Fighter. I’m going to write to tell you about my point of view regarding the recent school violence matters. I have recently contacted the OP and have met up to talk with her.

We talked about the truths regarding the misunderstandings about our schooling days where regarding the part that I led the rumors and her ostracization and solved that misunderstanding. I also received an apology about that. I have also apologized for being a bystander regarding the situation at school and for supporting it as well. 

I’m sorry for having caused controversy regarding such matters. I will look back upon myself to become a better person and so that such misunderstandings will not happen in the future and will show it through future promotions. Thank you to those that waited for me and believed me.

— Leesu

Previously, a netizen had uploaded the accusation to an online community, claiming that she dropped out from the same high school as Leesu due to being ostracized. She accused Leesu of spreading false rumors about her such as that she was crazy about men and went around seducing others.