Street Woman Fighter’s Noze Is Hit With Further Accusations, And May Be Sued For This Much Money

“I loved Noze, but after working with her, I am no longer a fan…”

Amid accusations that she had discriminated against smaller brands and that her unprofessionalism directly impacted businesses negatively, dancer Noze has once again been levied with a slew of allegations accusing the dancer of being hard to work with.

Noze | @nozeworld/Instagram

An alleged former set assistant revealed on an online post that she had worked with Noze before and that due to her unprofessionalism, she is no longer a fan.

I loved Noze, but after working with her, I am no longer a fan. Seriously, she is so hard to work with. First, I almost had to get on my knees to make the atmosphere on set conducive to work. She makes it hard to work with and is very hard to please.

— Former set assistant

Another netizen claiming that they had sponsored Wayb before the filming of Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter revealed that all but Noze uploaded the sponsored post. The netizen claimed that she wasn’t surprised when she found out about her controversy.

Her personality isn’t going anywhere. People don’t change.

— Netizen

Netizens had previously criticized Noze for allegedly discriminating against smaller brands. The dancer was accused of not uploading sponsored posts on agreed dates, and when she did finally upload them, she would delete the post not long after.

The dancer and her agency had also been criticized for their response to the controversy. The dancer and her agency seemed to each blame the other and dodged accountability. Noze finally apologized in a handwritten letter on Instagram.

Noze’s apology | @nozeworld/Instagram

Hello, This is Noze.

First, I would like to apologize for saying this so late.

I have been contemplating how to best express my apology to those who I have disappointed recently with my immature actions.

Because of this, I feel I have caused further disappointment, and so I would like to apologize again.

There are no excuses. I am sorry for negatively impacting the advertiser’s businesses and disappointing you.

I apologize for not being responsible, despite all the love you have given me. I am reflecting back on my mistakes and realize that there is still so much for me to learn.

Due to my irresponsible actions, I have negatively impacted the advertisers and disappointed my fans, who have given me so much love. Because I know there are no words to take back my actions, rather than seek forgiveness, I will do my best to show a better side of me.

I will do my best with this in mind to show you a better side of me and be more humble.

Thank you, and once again, I am sorry.

— Noze

Unfortunately for the dancer, that did not stop the new allegations from surfacing. What’s more, on KBS’s Entertainment Company Live, a lawyer appeared to examine the controversy.

The lawyer stated that Noze might have to repay a sizeable amount if she was to be sued for breach of contract.

Usually, a breach of contract results in the repayment of at least twice the cost of the contract’s original worth. Given that Noze had charged upwards of ₩50.0 million KRW (about $37,900 USD) per post, she may be sued for upwards of ₩100 million KRW (about $75,900 USD).

— Lawyer Heo Joo Hyun

Heo Joo Hyun | KBS

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Source: TV Daily and Newsis