“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” Actor Kim Won Hae Has Tested Positive For COVID-19

He is the 3rd actor to test positive today.

Actor Kim Won Hae, who made his name and face known to fans worldwide through Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, has confirmed he tested positive for COVID-19.

In an exclusive statement obtained from Kim Won Hae himself, he revealed his positive diagnosis.

The result of my Coronavirus test has come out. It has been confirmed that I have the Coronavirus.

— Kim Won Hae

His agency also released a statement, confirming he is self-isolating for the time being before he can be transferred to a hospital.

Actor Kim Won Hae has tested positive for Coronavirus.

Kim Won Hae is part of the cast of the play Jjambbong, where another cast member was confirmed to have the Coronavirus. While he was not subject to the test as one of the identified contacts of the cast member who tested positive, he was under self-isolation and decided to take the test to be ready for whatever the situation may bring.

On the afternoon of August 20, it was determined that he tested positive and he has cancelled all of his schedules. According to the KCDC guidelines, he is currently self-isolating and when there is available space in the hospital, he will be transferred there.

We shared the results of the examination and tests with the team of the play immediately after learning of it.

Kim Won Hae’s manager, who was with him for his schedules, also took the Coronavirus test, and he tested negative.

— Double SG Company

Kim Won Hae had previously been in contact with Seo Sung Jong, who was the first Korean actor to have tested positive for the contagious virus. In addition, Kim Won Hae, Seo Sung Jong, and Heo Dong Won, who also confirmed he has the Coronavirus, are all part of the cast of the musical Jjambbong. Currently, the filming locations and performances that each actor has connections to have all been suspended or cancelled, with self-isolation being done by all people involved.

Source: Star News