Subtle Details From BTS Jungkook’s Post Highlights How Much He Has Changed

Two subtle details highlight Jungkook’s growth.

Recently, Jungkook tweeted out a picture of himself on BTS‘s flight to Nagoya for their concert.

The golden maknae’s stunning visuals have ARMYs all over the world swooning. Two subtle things about the picture actually highlight Jungkook’s growth.

First, Jungkook is bare-faced. He used to be worried about being seen bare-faced at debut but it seems like he is completely confident now and has no problem showing the world his natural look and ARMYs love it!

Look at his post compared to this old Bangtan bomb clip where he was nervous about being filmed bare face, Jungkook really has grown!

The second thing is that our maknae has become business savvy. You may notice that his face mask is BT21 branded, a classic bit of subtle product placement.

ARMY are loving Jungkook’s promotion of BTS’s own brand.

He is bustling with confidence about his looks and also promoting his merchandise, it looks like Jungkook has truly grown up! This may be spurred on by the fact that he isn’t BigHit’s maknae anymore:

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BTS is in Japan this weekend for their concerts in Nagoya. We wish them the best!