The Subtle Reference To BLACKPINK’s “Whistle” You Might Have Missed In Lisa’s “Money” Performance Video

Did you notice this when you watched the “Money” video?

The BLACKPINK members have such a strong bond that it can’t be hidden, even when the members are doing solo performances!

BLACKPINK | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Lisa recently released the exclusive performance video for her solo song, “Money,” and the video included a subtle reference to one of BLACKPINK’s debut songs, “Whistle.”


After the performance video was released, Lisa shared behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the “Money” performance video, as well as from her first performance of “LALISA.”

| Lilifilm Official/YouTube

Shortly after arriving at the filming location for the “Money” video, Lisa revealed that she’d been to the location before while filming the “Whistle” music video.

“I remembered it was the place we shot the last choreo for ‘Whistle.’ It reminds me of 5 years ago,” she said.


If you didn’t recognize the filming location at first, don’t worry. Lisa didn’t recognize it at first either! “I actually couldn’t remember this place when I first got here,” she said.

When Lisa revealed that she filmed “Money” in the same place as “Whistle,” BLINKs’ minds were blown, especially since Lisa’s filming location for one of her first solo songs was the same as the set for one of BLACKPINK’s very first songs!

See the full behind-the-scenes video below!