Suga Exposes A BTS Member For Crying While Watching A Disney Movie

ARMYs have already figured out who it was!

As a part of his promotional activities for his documentary, SUGA: Road To D-DayBTS member Suga appeared in a YouTube video for Disney Plus Korea, where he lists his all-time favorite content on the platform.

Suga chose three movies as his go-to on Disney+— the Pixar animated film Soul, the Disney animated movie Coco, and the 2012 title Life Of Pi. He outlined the reason why he feels drawn to each of these three movies. With its narrative of finding happiness in life’s mundane things, incorporated with Jazz piano, Soul stood out as a relatable yet inspiring piece to Suga.

Coco, on the other hand, touched his heart because it contains the message of trying new things and chasing your dreams. Suga mentioned that while preparing for his album D-Day, he also stepped out of his comfort zone to try new things, giving him the necessary inspiration to write his songs. So, in a way, he found himself reflected in the protagonist Miguel.

Life Of Pi was another inspiring movie for Suga, and he highly recommended it to viewers. He liked the film’s story, which discusses growth through facing unexpected circumstances. He also showed appreciation for the movie’s high-quality special effects that portrayed nature’s beauty to viewers like nothing before.

While discussing these movies, Suga shared a funny story involving the BTS members. He recalled that once when BTS was on tour, Coco was available on their flight, and all the members ended up watching the movie simultaneously. Suga revealed that the film had one of his members crying, but he didn’t specify who it was.

ARMYs, curious as ever, got to work trying to figure out which member Suga was talking about. It took very little digging to find out that it was none other than the leader himself, RM. During the promotion of BTS’s documentary Permission to Dance, RM had confessed in multiple interviews that he cried a lot after watching Coco.

In case anyone had any doubts about RM’s sensitivity as a person, Suga’s indirect “exposé” should be enough to settle the accounts for once and all!


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