Suga Let BTS Slap Him And They Were Way Too Excited About It

It was the moment they had all been waiting for.

Debuting at No.1 on Billboard‘s charts is rare, but you know what’s even rarer? The chance to slap Suga!

On September 1 (KST), Billboard broke the news that BTS had been dreaming of; “Dynamite” became their first song to debut at No.1 on the “Hot 100” chart. This reality seemed too good to be true, but the timing was even more unbelievable. It happened on Jungkook‘s birthday!

To thank fans, BTS held a live broadcast where they talked about the “Hot 100”, and how their achievement once seemed impossible. Even Suga, who describes himself as “placid”, couldn’t contain his excitement.

No.1 on the “Hot 100”. Is this a dream or real life? To find out, Suga invited his members to slap him…

…and his wish was their command! In fact, they were a bit too slaphappy to help. RM said that he has been looking forward to this moment, and J-Hope wasn’t about to miss his opportunity.

Suga, knowing that his members wouldn’t actually hurt him (much), just closed his eyes and let it happen.

I think I got hit 100 times,” he said. Well, they were making up for lost time!

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