BTS’s Jungkook Cried When He Heard The “Hot 100” News, And He’s Not Alone

It was the best present he could have hoped for.

On September 1 (KST), ARMY gave Jungkook the perfect birthday present: the “Hot 100”.

Thanks to fans’ streaming, requests for radio airplay, and sales, “Dynamite” is officially the first BTS song to ever debut at No.1 on Billboard‘s “Hot 100” chart. In its first week, “Dynamite” sold a mind-blowing 265,000 digital copies, more than all the other songs on the “Digital Song Sales” chart combined.

When the news broke, BTS was overwhelmed with happiness. They couldn’t believe that this dream had finally come true!

Hours later, BTS held a live broadcast to talk about their historic win. Jungkook began by humbly thanking ARMY for his present.

It’s the best birthday gift ever. Also, it’s all thanks to ARMY. They gave me a great support. I realized that they’re doing so many things for my birthday. So, I want to say thank you so much to ARMY. Thank you for celebrating my birthday. I’m so lucky to be born as who I am.

— Jungkook

RM revealed that Jungkook lost his voice because of the “Hot 100”. “That’s right,” Jungkook said.

He was so overwhelmed with happiness by the news that he cried that night.

He’s not the only member who shed tears though. Everyone except for RM had the waterworks going full force! “I’m feeling left out,” RM joked.

No doubt, BTS and ARMY will remember this special milestone for years to come.