BTS Suga’s Dinner Date Has ARMY Wishing For A Collab

So much talent in one picture.

BTS’s Suga was pictured with three talented artists while having dinner at a restaurant.

The artists were none other than Epik High, the popular alternative hip hop group.

Suga and Epik High have been friends for a while now. Tablo uploaded a picture of the four of them together back in October.

Suga has said in the past that the song “Fly” by Epik High inspired him to become a rapper. ARMY has Epik High to thank for Yoongi.

Even back as far as 2017, Suga had this to say about Epik High. He even has a cute nickname for Tablo which means he must be very comfortable around him.

“The Epik High members really like BTS”
“Blo-hyung (Tablo) even bought our new album and showed it to us over video call”

Them being seen together has sparked the idea of a Suga x Epik High collaboration and ARMY is ecstatic. Imagine how smooth that would sound!


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