Sulli Gets Slammed By Netizens For Her Post About South Korea’s Recent Abortion Law Ruling

She expressed her opinion.

South Korea’s Constitutional Court recently ruled that anti-abortion laws were unconstitutional and that all related laws will require revisions by the end of 2020. As a response, Sulli posted her opinions on her personal Instagram.


She celebrated the court’s ruling as she captioned the post with a pro-choice hashtag.

“#2019_4_11_AbolitionOfLawsPunishingAbortion Today’s an honorable day! Freedom of choice to all women.

Freedom to choose for all women❤️🙌”

— Sulli


Many netizens began bashing Sulli for expressing her opinions. They criticized her for taking a stance against anti-abortion laws on social media, as well as her choice of words.


On the other hand, another group of netizens and fans defended Sulli and expressed their support for her opinions.


The recent ruling has become a hot issue in Korean society as citizens flooded the streets in protest against or for the revisions of anti-abortion law.


Sulli did not make any further comment about her stance.

Source: TV Report
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