Sulli Admits She Fears Having No In-Real-Life Fans

She worried all her fans are online only.

During her recent photoshoot and interview with THE STAR Magazine, Sulli showed her most honest self and shared how she was scared of having no in-real-life fans.

For this interview, Sulli rocked some of her best ath-leisure looks that are fitting for the theme of the photoshoot, “BE POSITIVE”.


When the magazine asked about Sulli’s latest interaction with her fans through the show Jinri Market, she genuinely admitted, “I thought, ‘what if my fans only existed online?’ and I got a bit worried.”

Sulli in her show “Jinri Market”


Fortunately, many of her fans showed up and touched Sulli’s heart.

I was so grateful for how many people actually came to see me. I want to pay them back for their endless love and support, so I am working on putting together a fan meeting event.

— Sulli

While the exact date is still uncertain, Sulli promised her fans she will make it happen and asked that they hang tight for the announcement.


Meanwhile, Sulli was criticized several times for her recent Instagram posts, including the one from the photoshoot with the magazine, for being too provocative. This is not the first time Sulli’s social media uploads have caused controversy, and Sulli has always confronted the online hatred with pure confidence and indifference, but her interview response may hint at the fact that all the criticism does affect her after all.


When the magazine asked Sulli about how she is doing, Sulli answered, “I’m doing okay, but at the same time I’m not.”

Questions like this confuse me. When people ask how I’m doing, I can tell them I’m doing fine. But at the same time, I feel like it’s asking me where I’m really going with my life, so I can’t ever take it too lightly. I’m trying to be okay though.

— Sulli


Sulli ended the interview on a positive note, sharing that she is still passionate about doing what she wants to do. Sulli pointed out, “I want to know more about the things I desire. I want to share my stories.I have a strong desire to express myself through not only music, but also photoshoots and dance.”

There is so much I want to do, so much I want to say. I have so much passion burning in me.

— Sulli

Source: Dispatch


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