Sulli Met Her BFF In The Most Interesting Way

They met through social media.

Netizens are gaining more interest in Sulli‘s friend Mimi as she has been featured in many of Sulli’s recent social media posts and even introduced on Sulli’s reality program.


Sulli’s social media recently gained attention after she posted a series of photos from her New Year’s party, which some thought was a bit bizarre.

Sulli Posts Some Bizarre Photos From Her New Year’s Party


In these posts, Sulli’s friend who goes by the name Mimi seemed to appear more than any of her other friends.


Sulli has expressed her affection for this particular friend numerous times in the past. Just last month, Sulli appeared at the opening event for her pop up store on Jinri Shop with Mimi.


In fact, Sulli revealed the story behind how the two met on an episode of Jinri Shop in October. Sulli had apparently run into Mimi’s Instagram one day and thought she would like to befriend the girl.


As a result, Sulli used another one of her accounts to message Mimi through Instagram and that’s how they became friends.

“(Mimi) seemed similar to me and I admired (her). Even though she is 2 years younger than me, I had many things to learn from her and I wondered what she usually thought about, how she lived and what she saw that she thinks of such admirable things. I wanted to be like her.”

ㅡ Sulli


Mimi recalled back to the time and talked about how she was drawn towards Sulli as well and how she was surprised to find out that it was Sulli.

“When I received a message from Jinri, it felt very sincere. I didn’t even know who she was but I felt like it would be nice to be her friend. I was surprised when she said she was Sulli.”

ㅡ Mimi


Sulli and Mimi’s deep friendship had apparently begun through social media! Check out their full live broadcast below:


Source: Kookmin ilbo