Sulli Criticized For “Provocative” Photo Posing With Her Pants Unbuttoned

Sulli just can’t seem to catch a break!

Sulli just can’t seem to catch a break as netizens are criticizing her once again for her latest Instagram photos. Sulli appeared to be celebrating the arrival of Spring as she posed near walls of green and flowers.


In her second set of photos, she let loose a bit by unbuttoning her high-waisted pants.


In the captions, she asked, “I love you. You love me?


But it appears netizens are once again unhappy about Sulli’s post, as they left malicious comments criticizing her behavior.


This new wave of criticism comes shortly after she was bashed for posting more photos of her choice to not wear a bra.


Thankfully, it appears Sulli has learned to ignore the haters and focus on the support of her beloved fans! No amount of hate will wipe this adorable smile from Sulli’s face!

Source: Herald Pop