Sulli Just Updated Her Instagram, Here’s Her Message To Fans

Sulli has just updated her Instagram account after reports of her receiving treatment for an injury at the hospital were released. 

Earlier today, Koreaboo reported that Sulli received treatment for a minor wrist injury at the hospital. While the injury seems to have not been too serious, false news began to spread that it was an attempted suicide.

Koreaboo released an in-depth report on the origins of these rumors and why it seemed to be groundless.

Sulli has now just updated her Instagram account, reassuring fans that she’s more than fine and not to worry! Check out the post below:

실수로 다쳤어요ㅠ 걱정 끼친 것 같아 미안해요!

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The post reads: “I hurt myself by mistake ㅠ I’m sorry for worrying you guys!”