[★BREAKING] Sulli And Kim Min Jun Have Broken Up

According to a report from Korean media, Sulli and Kim Min Jun have broken up. 

Sulli and Kim Min Jun started dating in May, as confirmed by Sulli’s agency SM Entertainment

According to TV Report, Kim Min Jun made an Instagram post to announce his breakup with Sulli.

“I am writing this post to announce the end of my relationship because it is already well known to everyone about the start of my relationship. Choi Jinri (Sulli) and I decided to go our own ways after personal complications.

Our relationship was very simple and it will be a memory that will be kept between us. There is nothing special or anything that has to be known about oure relationship. I will take responsibility for everything that I am responsible for. Don’t spread rumors. Please be healthy everyone.”

– Kim Min Jun

Kim Min Jun is the general manager for a DJ crew, owner of a restaurant lounge, and head manager of Red Bull Korea.

Who Is Sulli’s New Boyfriend: Kim Min Jun?

Unlike her relationship with Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza, Sulli did not make many posts about her relationship with Kim Min Jun. 

Neither Sulli or SM Entertainment have commented on the relationship.

Source: TV Report