Sulli’s Best Friend Kim Sun Ah Posts a Heartfelt Letter Expressing Her Sadness

“I’m worried that the world you’re in now is just as lonely.” – Kim Sun Ah

Actress Kim Sun Ah posted two photos along with a letter written for Sulli, who recently passed away.

The photos show Kim Sun Ah and Sulli posing with their faces side by side, and the heartfelt letter she posted for Sulli reads as follows:

Hello, my everything, and my most precious, Sulli. When I got up this morning, I realized the world was still a mess. I’m worried that the world you’re in now is just as lonely, and I just can’t believe it. It wasn’t long ago when you asked me, “I’m the only one you can count on, right?” with a loving smile on your face. As someone who only had you to count on, my heart aches, and I hate being in pain. No matter how much I pound my chest, it still hurts. I just want my heart to disappear. I’ll take care of the ones you loved. I’ll do my best to live on. I love you, and thank you.

– Kim Sun Ah

Sulli and Kim Sun Ah became close friends following their 2017 film, Real. And just last year, Kim Sun Ah starred in Sulli’s reality program, Jinri Market.

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