Sulli Tears Up While Addressing Recent Malicious Comments, Netizens Continue To Bash Her

Sulli begged for some love, but netizens bashed her more.

Sulli recently sat down for an interview about her latest show, Jinri Store.


There, she was asked about how she felt about the recent controversy regarding her Instagram posts. Sulli uploaded photos from her New Years Party, but netizens criticized her for her “strange” behaviors.


Sulli revealed that she was sorry that her friends had to be criticized because of her.

“I felt sorry towards my friends. They’re good people. They’re nice and beautiful, but why did they have to get hate because of me?”

— Sulli


She began to tear up as she emphasized that she has no evil intensions but the general public seems to look at her with a negative opinion.

“People who know me understand that I don’t have any evil intensions. There are a lot of people who look at me with biased opinions.”

— Sulli


Even so, she believes that things are looking up as people get to know her better and see that she’s not trying to cause trouble.

“It does upset me but I believe it’s changed a lot and it will continue to change. I think more people have come on my side after doing ‘Jinri Store’. I think people changed and got to know me better.”

— Sulli


She asked the reporters and viewers to stop bashing on her but try to show her some love and understand who she really is.

“To the viewers and reporters, please write good things about ‘Jinri Store’. Please re-watch the show from the beginning, you’ll get to understand me better.

Reporters, please show me some love. Viewers, please love me. I love you.”

— Sulli


Despite her emotional plea, netizens continued to criticize her after the interview. They claimed that she was the crazy one, and it was wrong of her to ask the public to understand her “improper” ways.


More of her international fans, on the other hand, seem to have no problem with Sulli being who she is and doing what she wants. They left her supportive messages on Instagram to cheer her up.

Source: Kookmin Ilbo
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