Sulli’s Nip Slip Is Bothering Everyone Except Her

Sulli encounters another slip during a live broadcast.

Singer and actress Sulli have fans upset after her most recent live broadcast session.

On September 28, she turned on her Instagram live broadcast while getting her hair and makeup done.

In the video, she is wearing a loose robe that partially exposed her breasts.

Fans and viewers all witnessed this as it was happening through the broadcast.

Although she has done many broadcasts without wearing a bra, she was also recently seen not wearing one when hanging out with her male friends.

Users left comments on her Instagram as to her reasoning for not wearing a bra.

“Why are you always not wearing a bra.”

“What is the reason that you are so confident not wearing a bra.”

She responded to these comments with, “I don’t get what’s wrong. This is my personal freedom.”

The Instagram video has since been deleted.

She also revealed her thoughts about the ‘no bra’ concept on JTBC2’s Reply Night. She stated that bras were just merely an accessory and that women should wear it if they want to.

Source: kmib