Sulli Wore A Special “Outfit” To A Restaurant, f(x) Fans Are In Tears

Her outfit holds a special meaning.

Sulli is the talk of the town once more after she was spotted wearing her favorite pajamas while dining out in a restaurant! 


A latest post from her personal Instagram account showed a clip of the singer and actress in restaurant. It was posted with the caption, “New Menu Curry Shabu Shabu.” 


It wasn’t the food that caught the most attention though. Many were interested with the “bread pajama” she decided to wear instead. A very comfortable outfit that only Sulli can get away wearing in public! 


Avid fans, however, were touched of the gesture as there is a story behind Sulli’s favorite pair. It’s been her comfy PJs for over 5 years!


The item was purchased when she filmed Amazing f(x) with the rest of the group back in 2013. 


She may have left the group but it doesn’t mean that she stopped wearing items that hold cherish memories of her f(x) days. In fact, it seems to be her favourite pair with the amount of times she has worn it in public.