Sulli Reveals How She Truly Reacts To The Overwhelming Number Of Malicious Comments

This is how she truly feels inside.

During The Night Of Hate Comments, Sulli addressed how she became the number one searched topic on multiple search engines after addressing her own malicious comments in the pilot episode and the malicious comments that soon followed with it.


Shin Dong Yeop jokingly claimed she loved it because she confessed that she loves attention during the pilot episode.


But Sulli clarified that she handles it differently. She explained that whenever she reads the malicious comments, she reminds herself that she’s living a happy life that the haters just can’t comprehend.

Whenever I read malicious comments, I always remind myself, ‘Today, Sulli went to the broadcast station to film with good people, make funny jokes, and eat good food.

— Sulli


Junjin applauded her for being above the malicious haters. While the haters go low, she goes high!


Queen Sulli never lets haters get in the way of her success and happy lifestyle!

Source: Sports Chosun