Sulli’s Statement From Her Last Interview Sheds Light On Her Sufferings

“It’s very hard to trust people these days.”

Sulli‘s last interview was a interview-style discussion about a movie. Her last words at a public interview was aired by Night of TV Entertainment.


During the interview, Sulli revealed that she trusts people too easily but the world has become a place “where it’s very hard to trust people.

I’m the type to trust people very easily. But the world has become a place where it’s very hard to trust people these days.

Since I trust people too easily, I thought that – after watching this movie – it’s right for me to second guess people more.

— Sulli


She also mentioned how everyone should try to be kinder when talking to other people.

Everyone wants to be treated with kindness. They want the victims to be nice too. People always want others to speak with more kindness

— Sulli


The movie she was discussing was titled, “Maggie”, which tells the story about a nurse who works at a hospital where everyone is suspicious of others’ as to who was caught having sex at the hospital.

The movie aired on September 26 and Sulli was part of the panel that discussed the movie’s meanings about a week ago.


The segment also shed light on Sulli’s past comments about how she suffered from panic disorders and fear of other people. Sulli had confessed that she reached out for help but no one reached back to help her during her difficult time.

I suddenly started becoming more aware of how people see me these days. It felt like a horror movie.

I started avoiding people and have panic disorder… I’ve had panic disorders since I was young but I didn’t take any medication and tried to fight through it by myself.

Even if I told someone I was having a difficult time, no one really listened to me. That was the most difficult for me…

I tried to reach out for help before, but… no one reached out to help me. That’s when I broke down. I had no one to talk to.

— Sulli


Prayers go out to Sulli’s family and her loved ones. May she rest in peace.

Source: Star News

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