U2 Honors Sulli In Touching Tribute To Exceptional Women Of Korean History

Sulli was included in their special tribute:

In their first-ever concert in South Korea on December 8, rock band U2 delivered an emotional tribute to exceptional women in Korean history including Sulli.


During their performance of “Ultraviolet (Light My Way)”, the screen behind U2 began playing their special “HerStory” tribute video dedicated to all the women who made an impact on Korean society.


Among those powerful female figures was Sulli. Sulli, who passed away earlier this fall, was known for being a strong voice for women’s rights, a women’s rights activist, as well as being an inspiration to many.


Alongside Sulli, U2’s tribute also included notable women such as the First Lady Kim Jung Sook, the female divers of Jeju Island, Lee Tae Young who was South Korea’s first female lawyer, prosecutor Seo Ji Hyun who brought the #MeToo movement to national attention, Park Kyung Won who was the first female civilian pilot, among other exceptional women.


U2’s “HerStory” tribute has become a regular feature during their world tour and seeing Sulli being honored right alongside other powerful women has touched many hearts.

Source: Seoul Newspaper and Newsis