(★UPDATE) Sung Hoon Denies Dating Rumors With Song Jieun

Just moments after their dating rumors arose, Sung Hoon clarified that he is just “close friends” with Song Jieun from SECRET.

Just a few moments after a news report stated that actor Sung Hoon was dating Song Jieun from SECRET, his agency has made a statement denying the rumors.

“It’s not true. They’re nothing more or less than just close friends. They became friends after starring in the same drama. They only meet once in a while and talk, there’s nothing more than that.”

— Stallion Entertainment

Song Jieun has yet to make a statement as she recently announced that she has left TS Entertainment on her Instagram account.

Stallion Entertainment also denied the rumors that Song Jieun will be signing onto the same label as Sung Hoon. They clarified that it is also “not true.

A news report had claimed that the two began dating after sharing a “special” chemistry on the set of OCN’s My Secret Romance.

(★BREAKING) Song Jieun And Sung Hoon Reportedly Dating

Source: Sports Donga