Sung Si Kyung Hilariously Reveals His Record Distributor Panicked Because He Had The Same Comeback Date As BTS

“Coincidentally, my comeback date was the same as BTS so I was a bit taken aback.”

Singer Sung Si Kyung made his first comeback album in 10 years and revealed a hilarious story that happened before releasing his long-awaited album!

Sung Si Kyung recently appeared as a one-day radio DJ for Melon Station’s Today Music. Having released his first full-length album in 10 years, he revealed how many people were concerned about him making his comeback on the same day as BTS!

Coincidentally, my comeback date was the same as BTS so I was a bit taken aback.

—Sung Si Kyung

| Big Hit Music

He then shared the story of how he got many worried phone calls from his record distributor about his comeback release date, and shared how he was adamant about releasing it on the day it was originally set for!

I even got three calls from the record distributor asking if I was serious about releasing my album that day. I told them, “Isn’t this what we decided on?”

I didn’t ask to release it on the same day as BTS, we just happened to plan our schedule that way.

—Sung Si Kyung

Sung Si Kyung then expressed his utmost faith in his fans, saying that he believed his fans would listen to his songs regardless of the release date! He also joked while asking fans to make his song number two if BTS’s song ranked number one, and shared that it would make him happy to see both himself and BTS doing well on the charts!

I don’t think my fans and BTS’s fans overlap much. I don’t think my fans would not listen to my songs just because BTS made a comeback. Don’t you think so?

I think it’s nice to see both BTS and myself on the charts.

—Sung Si Kyung


But with all jokes aside, Sung Si Kyung revealed that it was difficult for him to release it any earlier or later and had no choice but to release it that day for his fans, because they have waited for him for ten years, and he wanted to repay their love and patience with a good album!


Sung Si Kyung made his comeback with the full album Siot, and title track “I Love U”.

Listen to it here!

Source: Insight Korea