Actress Sung Yuri Responds To Allegations That She And Her Husband Were Involved With Actress Park Min Young’s Ex-Boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun

The allegations stem from Kang Jong Hyun driving a car registered under her husband’s name.

Sung Yuri responded to allegations that she and her husband, Ahn Sung Hyun, had ties to actress Park Min Young‘s controversial ex-boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun.

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According to news reports, Sung Yuri spoke about her husband’s relationship with Kang Jong Hyun, as well as allegations of her own involvement with the businessman as it has been revealed that she had been prior signed to label Bucket Studio, which is alleged to have ties to Kang Jong Hyun.

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According to reports, the actress stated that at the time she signed with Bucket Studio, she didn’t know it was involved with Bithumb, a Korean cryptocurrency exchange, which is alleged to be owned by Kang Jong Hyun. The actress stated when she left her previous agency, she was approached by Bucket Studio and signed with them under the condition she was able to keep the staff that she had been working with.

Allegations that she and her husband had ties to Kang Jong Hyun stem from a Dispatch interview, where it had been revealed Kang Jong Hyun drove a Maybach that was registered under Sung Yuri’s husband, Ahn Sung Hyun’s, name. It is reported that Kang Jong Hyun expressed he was close to the actress’s husband.

Because I am so close to Sung Hyun, he let me borrow the car.

— Kang Jong Hyun

The allegations grew once it was revealed that Sung Yuri had, at one time, signed with Bucket Studio. Kang Jong Hyun’s sister is the CEO of Bucket Studio.

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Regarding Kang Jong Hyun driving a vehicle that was registered under Ahn Sung Hyun’s name, Sung Yuri stated that she didn’t know.

I do not know about Ahn Sung Hyun’s car or his relationships.

— Sung Yuri

Kang Jong Hyun made headline news when it was revealed by Dispatch that he had been dating actress Park Min Young. Park Min Young’s agency has since stated that the two have already broken up. The exposé posed several questions and allegations regarding Kang Jong Hyun’s previous business dealings.

Source: xsports, Wikitree and 10asia/Hankyung
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