Sunmi Claps Back At Internet Haters On Twitter In The Best Way Possible


Recently, Sunmi and her agency MakeUs Entertainment announced that they would be preparing to take legal action against malicious commenters who seek to intentionally tarnish Sunmi’s image through groundless claims.

In particular, the statement criticised the fact that netizens could leave hate comments and then hide behind an anonymous profile, without any consequences.

With this new step, these netizens will be held accountable for their actions.

Sunmi posted the full official statement on her Twitter, with many fans praising her action.

Fans celebrated the fact that netizens would now be held accountable for making groundless rumours and statements against Sunmi.

And Sunmi even joined in with her fans!

One fan tweeted that now Sunmi could tell the haters to get away from her face.

In response, Sunmi tweeted that the haters could say it to her face, if they had so much to say behind an anonymous profile.

Come to my face and talk the same as you did on the internet

Fans have been ecstatic at Sunmi’s sassy response, and find it the perfect way to stand up to malicious commenters.

With someone who has garnered much public attention and praise as Sunmi has, unfortunately haters and malicious comments are inevitable.

Thankfully, both Sunmi and her fans agree that this is the right step forward, to ensure that the rights of idols and artists is protected, and that internet culture can be a better and more accepting environment.