Sunmi Reveals The Life Changing Lesson She Learned After Leaving JYP

“After leaving JYP, I had much time to think about myself…”

In an interview with HIGH CUT magazine, Sunmi revealed what she learned after leaving JYP Entertainment.


She explained that after leaving JYP Entertainment, she was given more time to think about who she is was as a person.

“After leaving JYP, I had much time to think about myself and that’s when I began to explore about my identity.” ㅡ Sunmi


She confessed that she felt trapped and after much contemplation, realized that it was due to her insecurities.

“After exploring more about myself, I realized that the reason I was trapped was because ‘people may not like me or they may criticize me’. It just dawned on me.” ㅡ Sunmi


After looking back on famous world stars, she realized that despite what others think, the only answer was to show herself as she is.

“I realized ‘there were even people who disliked Michael Jackson, Prince and Beyonce’ before I made a comeback with ‘Gashina’.” ㅡ Sunmi


She mentioned that the realization came just before she releasing her hit song “GASHINA” and that it was incorporated into the music video as well as her performances.

“That was incorporated into the music video and I think it was delivered to the people through my performances as well.” ㅡ Sunmi


In the music video, Sunmi can be seen in numerous scenes dancing freely.


She truly looks as if she really has been freed after having been trapped.


And despite the insecurities she had in the past, everyone is continuing to love Sunmi’s unreserved self more and more! Check out her full music video below:

Source: Dispatch