Sunmi Reveals She Once Lost 500 Instagram Followers Because Of JYP

She lost 500 almost immediately.

Sunmi appeared on Knowing Bros where she revealed that she once lost 500 followers on Instagram because of Park Jin Young.

As one of her questions, she brought up the fact that she lost 500 followers almost immediately.

And the answer was because of a photo that she posted of Park Jin Young! The photo in question? A “boyfriend shot” of JYP during his latest MV for “Fever”.

Sunmi wanted to share the photo as a supportive message to Park Jin Young’s new music but was surprised by the result.

I wanted to help promote Park Jin Young’s new song, ‘Fever’, so I took a screenshot and uploaded it with a supportive message. But 500 people suddenly unfollowed me.

— Sunmi

She herself didn’t realize it at first but her fans pointed out the dramatic loss because of the post.

I didn’t really think much about it but my fans pointed out how many followers I lost because of it.

— Sunmi

The situation was so ridiculous that Park Jin Young reposted it onto his account and apologized to Sunmi!

Check out the full segment below!