Sunmi Directly Responds To Haters That Threatened To Kill Her For Her Comments On “Girls Planet 999”

No one deserves this!

Soloist Sunmi is currently serving as a judge on Girls Planet 999, Mnet‘s latest survival show. Unfortunately, some fans of the contestants did not take too kindly to her comments as a judge. Anonymous viewers began posting hate on a forum for the show.

From vulgarities such as “how should I kill this b*tch Sunmi kkk” …

| @miyayeah/Twitter

… to threats of hate comments.

  • “Sunmi-yah, don’t put out an album. I will f*cking curse on Melon (streaming site) in real time.”
  • Reply: “kkk She’ll probably get lots of hate like, she doesn’t have an aura” [a comment that Sunmi gave as a judge on the show]
  • Reply: “Crazy exorcist b*tch kkk”
| @miyayeah/Twitter

Sunmi decided to fight back for herself.

  • “What did I do so wrong?”
  • “What do you want me to do?”
  • “Which part of it made you not want to see me to death and want to kill me? Because of the judging standards I mentioned in the first episode? I put in effort up to now while monitoring the show closely so that more people could relate (to my comments). Every moment I was very sincere, about what I could do for the contestants.”
  • “Please just put more effort into cheering on the contestants”

In response, many have praised Sunmi for speaking up for herself and are criticizing the OPs for their harsh words and actions that crossed the line. Make sure to send some love Sunmi’s way!