Sunmi Creates Her Own Funky TikTok Dance Challenge Ahead Of Her Comeback

Are you up to Sunmi’s challenge?

Sunmi shared a sneak preview of her upcoming single “Purple Night” in one of the most Sunmi-esque ways possible.

On June 24, the “solo queen” posted a notice on her Twitter about a TikTok challenge for her upcoming single.

Called the #pporappippamchallenge, the post shared a few lines from her song as well as a request to join her in the challenge below:

“Purple Night,” also known as “Pporappippam,” is a song that Sunmi had direct involvement in making. She participated in the writing and composition of the song along with one of her long-time producers FRANTS, who has worked with her on other hits, including “Siren” and “Lalalay.”

Outside of music, Sunmi has recently appeared on the online TV series Real World alongside her two brothers as well as on SBS‘s human documentary show Sunmi’s Video Store.

Sunmi also announced that she would hold an online showcase for her comeback on June 29. From 2 pm, she will conduct a press showcase, and from 7 pm will be a live online showcase for fans.

Fans know that Sunmi always raises the bar with every comeback, and are as excited as ever to see what she has in store this time.

Check out the official audio teaser from the challenge and the song: