[★BREAKING] Sunye and Sohee officially leave Wonder Girls

Sunye and Sohee will officially be leaving Wonder Girls after having left touching letters to their fans.

In midst of Wonder Girls’ anticipated comeback as a band and appearance on Weekly Idol without Sunye and Sohee, JYP Entertainment finally released the news that Sunye and Sohee will no longer be in the group.

On July 20th, the agency released a document of the news including Sunye and Sohee’s letters. On the other hand, Wonder Girls will still continue their comeback this August as four members with Sunmi rejoining the team.

Sunye’s letter:

Hello “Wonderful” whom I always thankful to!

I think this will be the last letter I’ll be leaving here as a member of Wonder Girls.. ^^

I have nothing to say but to thank you for being part of this journey with me for the last eight years.

How can I just specifically say what I’m thankful for..  Looking back at all the memories and the times I’ll be reminded in the future, I can only say that I have a great debt to your guys’ love that I’ll never be able to pay back and also great love for all the times you guys stuck with me.

I’ll never be able to forget all over the love and cheers you all have given me!

I can only thank you and say I’ll always be thankful.

I know you all have a lot to say.

Also have a lot to ask.

I know that I can’t tell you all of it now..

But all I want to say for the last time is that I’m really thankful for all the years..

And to tell all of you to cheer on each members of the Wonder Girls who have been training hard for the last three years to appear in front of you all soon ^^

I also apologize for not being responsible and being a lacking leader!

With my members and all of my fans, I had many memorable experiences and had important awakenings.

In the future, I’ll live on as a responsible mother and wife of a family.

I know you all won’t be able to see me as a member of Wonder Girls.. but I’ll make my return as a more improved self when it is a good time for me ^^

To all my “Wonderful,” who always think deep and are thoughtful and patient,

I hope you all cheer each member of the Wonder Girls like you all have been doing and I ask you all to respect their decision in the journey ahead!

And again, I want to send a sincere thank you to all of you.

Thank you “Wonderful!”


Sohee’s letter:

Hello. This is Ahn Sohee.

It’s been a long time since I have written to you all.

I saw that many of you had questions and were interested after the news of Wonder Girls’ comeback.

I really felt a sincere thanks that many people who were still interested and showed their love towards us.

So I write to all of you personally out of respect due to all of the interests.

As of today, I have officially ended my career as a member of the Wonder Girls.

I personally had a hard time concerning this matter and also talked a lot with the members.

But I decided that it would be difficult for me to be greedy to live a double life of being an actress and a singer in the midst of thinking that I am not officially a well respected actress yet.

I’ll still be cheering on the Wonder Girls as a fan myself.

I only regret that I won’t be able to finish the Wonder Girls journey for all of the fans that have given me the best memories and the happiest phases of my life.

In order not to disappoint, I promise to do all of I can as an actress and show a improved Ahn Sohee.

Thank you.


Source: Sports Donga