Former Wonder Girls’ Member Sunye Signs With Polaris Entertainment, Netizens Continue To Attack

“You irresponsibly left Wonder Girls and then messed everything up with your volunteer work after resigning.”

After news of Sunye’s comeback in the K-Pop industry, netizens began attacking the idol for being “selfish”, claiming that she abandoned her members and fans for herself and is now coming back for money.

Netizens Attack Former Wonder Girls Member Sunye After News Of Her Comeback


It has now been confirmed that Sunye will be making a comeback in the industry with an official statement by Polaris Entertainment that a contract has been signed.

“We have been discussing about the exclusive contract with Sunye for a long time and have agreed to take on this meaningful and great opportunity together. We are aware that there have been many questions in regard to Sunye’s comeback in the entertainment industry but we have not yet made detailed plans for her activities. For the past 5 years, Sunye has been a mother of two and a wife with a loving family and therefore, we ask for your support and warm welcome towards this new chapter in Sunye’s life.” ㅡ Polaris Entertainment


Netizens have continued to disapprove of her returning to the industry. A part of this was due to fans’ belief that Sunye’s decision to get married and live in Canada had led to Wonder Girls’ hiatus.


Moreover, Sunye did not officially leave Wonder Girls until 2015 even though it was clear she would not be able to promote with them due to her marriage and the birth of her children.


She had also stated in the past that she would “focus on missionary work“, yet continued to market her private life through SNS and television.


A few years later, she appeared on a variety show and shared a glimpse of her life as a mother and wife. She also mentioned on the show that did not think she has retired from the entertainment industry, hinting that she may be returning.


Her plans to return despite having left the industry without what seemed like a moment’s hesitation and irresponsibly abandoning Wonder Girls has left a bad taste in the mouths of netizens, who still cannot welcome her with open arms.

  • “You irresponsibly left Wonder Girls and then messed everything up with your volunteer work after resigning…You might just want to continue volunteering if you want to do something meaningful.”
  • “I thought you said you wouldn’t come back because it felt like a sin but here you are.”
  • “Yea because you need money. I hate these kinds of people. They’re so shameless.”
  • “This is seriously a little too irresponsible and shameless.”
  • “Meaningful opportunity? Then don’t take the money and volunteer on broadcasts too.”
Source: Sports Donga and Naver