SM Entertainment Is Personally Looking For The Iconic Fan Who Created The Dear. U Bubble “Ew” Meme For Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

Who is the lucky fan?

Dear. U Bubble is a messaging platform service that idols can use to communicate with their fans. Due to the unique 1:n system, it works on, where idols can receive replies from every subscriber, but fans can only see the messages from their idol, it has caused quite a few humorous incidents by coincidence. One such exchange has become a famous internet meme.

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk was affectionately calling his fans “baby,” but a fan was not having it.

  • Eunhyuk: Baby.
  • Fan: Ew.
  • Eunhyuk: Who’s the one who said ‘ew?’

As the meme received high interest, SM Entertainment surprised fans by publicly seeking out the iconic fan. They recently posted an announcement via the KWANGYA CLUB platform, calling for the fan to contact them.

| Kwangya Club

Attention everyone!

We are looking for the person behind the hot meme of Eunhyuk’s Bubble, “Who’s the one who said ‘ew'”.  Please contact us and attach the following files in a 1:1 query with our KWANGYA CLUB customer service.

1) A screenshot of the whole Bubble screen including “Who’s the one who said ‘ew'”.

2) A screenshot of your subscription to Eunhyuk’s Bubble.

— SM Entertainment

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