Super Junior’s Heechul Blasts A Hater On Instagram, Exposing The Nasty DMs He Received

The DMs condemned Heechul and cursed him to “take his own life”.

As an avid social media platform user, Super Junior‘s Heechul is not shy to share all moments from his daily life on Instagram.

Super Junior’s Heechul. | @kimheenim/Instagram

His most recent post consisted of some quality “KBBQ ASMR” content…


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횡성한우 ASMR🐮

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Korean beef ASMR

— Heechul

… which appeared to be from the same KBBQ-ing day he posted about a week earlier.

Heechul’s post from a week ago. | @kimheenim/Instagram

While the posts seem completely harmless (and only delicious), they didn’t sit right with an Instagram user by the handle of @hasunjeong. This “hater” insisted on DMing Heechul blatant criticism…

What is the point of uploading something you already shared days ago? Is it a way of showing off that you’re oh-so-f*cking rich and so you can afford to eat beef by yourself? F*cking christ.

— Instagram User @hasunjeong

… about how he is “showing off” while his fans are “struggling financially“. The string of messages condemned Heechul and asked him to end his own life:

Just end your life please. Just kill yourself… and that selfishness of yours. Please? Fans are scrambling to save money to buy albums… even when they don’t have enough for commute. But here you are, oppa, showing off your f*cking KBBQ. And you never give your fans any gifts. I mean, what are you except a pretty f*cking face? You f*cking a*shole.

— Instagram User @hasunjeong

As vicious as the words were, they couldn’t sway Heechul. Instead, he slammed the hater by exposing the nasty DMs on his Instagram Stories — fully revealing the handle. He also commented in a small text box over the screenshot, “Take my own life, can’t do that“.

| @kimheenim/Instagram

Heechul’s fans grew furious at the hater for being toxic-AF…

| @nienie_takara/Twitter
  • “Like… Why are people like this? What is wrong with their heads?”
  • “Does this b*tch even know he’s the ambassador for Korean beef or nah?”
  • “Speak for yourself, I have enough money to buy all his albums. Thanks.”
  • “I hope Heechul and his lawyers take this person to court too.”
  • “Real fans don’t expect anything back as ‘gifts’. Just another lunatic.”

… but not too worried. Heechul is known to show no mercy when it comes to malicious comments:

Kim Heechul Hires Not Just 1 But 6 Lawyers To Take Malicious Commenters To Court

Source: THEQOO

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