Super Junior’s Heechul Gets Flirty With Popular YouTuber Pungja In Recent Episode Of “Street Alcohol Fighter”

We ship it!

Super Junior‘s Heechul has never been one to shy away from flirty interactions with others, and recently he proved that this hasn’t changed in an episode of Street Alcohol Fighter with YouTuber Pungja!

Street Alcohol Fighter is an ongoing Korean variety show where Heechul invites various guests to have a drink with him. On the episode released on July 7, Pungja and fellow YouTuber Heebab were invited to the show.

Heebab is a well-known mukbang YouTuber, while Pungja is a popular influencer on YouTube who has spoken candidly about her experience being a transgender person in South Korea. She also posts a lot of other funny and entertaining content as well, and has appeared on ReacThing in recent times too!

During the part of the episode when Heechul and his guests were supposed to guess the number of shots of soju that were in a glass of beer, Heechul seemed to suddenly get lovestruck by Pungja!

There was then a montage of everything that Pungja did that made Heechul get so flustered by her…

But alas, it doesn’t seem like the relationship is meant to be!

Here’s the whole episode if you want to watch it! The flirting starts around 14:30.

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