Super Junior’s Heechul Gives ELFs Kind Message On His 15th Anniversary Since Debut

Happy anniversary, Heechul!

Heechul had some warm words for Super Junior fans today!

While Super Junior debuted in November of 2005, previous to their debut, Heechul made his own entrance into the entertainment industry on March 6, 2005. His first gig was an acting role in season 2 of the drama Sharp, playing the role of Baek Jinwoo. He also acted in the TV series Rainbow Romance before made his official debut with Super Junior.

So today is just Heechul’s anniversary! To show his gratitude and happiness, the idol posted a message to ELFs on his personal Instagram account.

It’s already been 15 years since my debut. Thank you so much for trusting in Kim Heechul and cheering him on for 15 years. To all of the flower petals, E.L.Fs, and those who love me around the world, I would like to one day thank you personally if we can somehow meet by chance, where ever it may be. I don’t know when I will no longer be a part of the entertainment field, but I will try my best to stay humble so that I can remain in your memories as a not so bad celebrity, Kim Heechul.

— Heechul

Happy anniversary Heechul! Here’s to another great 15 years.

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