Super Junior’s Heechul Once Told Lee Soo Man That aespa’s Karina Looked Exactly Like A Manga Character

The resemblance is uncanny.

In a recent video on his YouTube, Super Junior‘s Heechul shared that he had actually talked about aespa‘s Karina with SM Entertainment‘s head honcho, Lee Soo Man!

Lee Soo Man was in the habit of sending the music video for aespa’a debut to his other artists as a form of promotion. Heechul of course, had watched the music video for “Black Mamba”. As a reply to Lee Soo Man, he mentioned that Karina looks just like…

… a well-known manga, Tomie‘s lead character, Tomie herself!

Of course, Lee Soo Man had no idea who Tomie was!

Perhaps the only difference is the location of their moles! While Tomie’s mole is right below her eye, Karina’s is below her lips. What do you guys think? Do you see the resemblence? Check out the video below.