Heechul Claims He’s Never Felt Sad After Breaking Up With His Girlfriends

He’s been like this ever since he was little.

In a recent episode of SBS‘s My Little Old Boy, Super Junior‘s Heechul opened up about his dating life.

He truthfully confessed a concern he has regarding his attitude towards dating.

Ever since I was little, I was never able to realize the seriousness of breaking up in a relationship.

— Heechul

And he went on to share that he was never that sad after a breakup.

Breakups were okay as long as I had a computer to comfort me.

— Heechul

The way Heechul sees it, breakups are just a part of life.

It’s not like breaking up means my life is over.

— Heechul

Regarding Heechul’s experience, fellow cast, Ji Sang Ryeol offered his opinion on why he feels the way he does.

That’s because Heechul has a high self-esteem. Because you keep really good relationships with other people in your life.

— Ji Sang Ryeol

Heechul’s remark is gaining particular attention because it’s been known to the public that he’s currently dating TWICE‘s Momo.

They revealed their relationship to the world in January of last year.

Source: Insight

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