Security Mistook Super Junior’s Heechul As A Fanboy…Of His Own Group

He pulled off his disguise as a fanboy a little too well.

The security for Korean celebrities is so top-notch that bodyguards sometimes mistake idols for fans. Super Junior‘s Heechul caused laughter by ending up in that exact situation.


On June 17, multiple fans spotted the veteran idol at Da Nang International Airport in Vietnam. Playing the part of a fanboy, Heechul held a sign to support the Knowing Bros cast. Things took a hilarious turn when he finally ran into the cast, though.

| @k_kkung_26/Twitter
| @k_kkung_26/Twitter

As soon as Heechul ran up to his own group member Shindong, the cast’s security guard thought he was a fan and immediately blocked him.

The cast seemingly clarified that Heechul wasn’t just any fanboy. Just as quickly, the security let Heechul pass and join them.

On top of Shindong being a member of his own group, Heechul being a fixed cast member on Knowing Bros made the moment funnier. Security mistook him for a fanboy of his own group and show.

Shindong and Heechul.

As if that wasn’t humorous enough, fans were reminded of a moment at WINNER‘s concert when security also mistook Donghae as a fan.

It looks like Heechul played the role of a fanboy so well that even security was fooled.

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