Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Apologizes For Causing Misunderstanding About SM Entertainment

He caused fans to criticize the company.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun recently apologized on SBS Power FM’s DinDin’s Music High. The star had caused netizens and fans to turn against SM Entertainment. During an episode of Knowing Bros, he lamented that he was made to pay parking fees after signing with Antenna Music.

Kyuhyun’s solo activities are managed by Antenna Music, while he still remains contracted to SM Entertainment for Super Junior group activities. When he went to visit SM Entertainment after signing with Antenna, he was made to pay parking fees using a credit card. He complained that he never had to pay the fees while he was solely under SM Entertainment, questioning the sudden change. After all, he is still under some form of contract with the company, and remains a prestigious member of Super Junior.

Kyuhyun on Knowing Bros

SM Entertainment began to take the heat for “pettiness,” leading Kyuhyun to clarify what he recently found out. It turns out that it was a misunderstanding. Whenever Kyuhyun parked his personal vehicle at the company, he paid the fees through his own card. This vehicle was not registered at the company, unlike the group’s vans. Later on, SM Entertainment resolved the fees for him. That was why he thought that artists need not pay parking. He later found out that the company had simply subtracted the cost of parking before depositing his salary, to make things easier for him! Kyuhyun took the chance to apologize to fans and the company. The anecdote started out as a joke, but soon became big.

All employees and artists need to pay their own parking. The company simply makes the process easier for their artists!

Source: Newsen

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