Super Junior’s Leeteuk Once Tried Sliding Into A Non-Celeb’s DMs…More Than Once

Everyone is shocked by the recent news.

It’s only been a few days since netizens were outraged at Super Junior Leeteuk‘s attempts at sending MOMOLAND‘s Yeonwoo a direct message, but it looks like things aren’t going to be dying down anytime soon for Leeteuk.

ELFs Attack Fan For Exposing Leeteuk’s Attempt At Sliding Into MOMOLAND Yeonwoo’s DMs


Things started getting heated with Leeteuk because he sent a direct message to what he assumed was Yeonwoo’s personal Instagram page but turned out to be a fanpage instead.


When the page operator posted the DM to the public, there was huge response from netizens. Many of whom were critical for the attempt because of the large age gap between the two celebs.


This backlash prompted Leeteuk to post an official apology and tried to explain himself.

“All I wanted was to say is ‘you worked hard’ to a hoobae that regularly works hard during broadcasts and this time, at the Asia Song Festival. Because of me, I’m sorry Yeonwoo. I also apologize to the fan that was surprised because of my sudden DM.”

— Leeteuk


But according to one recent post online, it turns out this isn’t the first time that Leeteuk tried sliding into someone’s DMs!

  • Leeteuk: “Hello, what is this?”

  • Netizen: “Who is this?”


A few years ago, one netizen suddenly received a message out of the blue from an unknown person. After exchanging a few messages trying to figure out who it was, the user revealed themselves to be Leeteuk and even asked the netizen if they liked shopping.

  • Leeteuk: “You should know who I am without saying anything. I’m not doing this for me.”

  • Netizen: “It’s just your account, but I don’t know who you are. You must have accidentally sent it.”

  • Leeteuk: “I’m Leeteuk. Do you like going to shopping malls?”

  • Netizen: “No!”


After that final message, the user thought that would be the last time they heard from Leeteuk. But a year later, Leeteuk’s account once again sent a “hello” DM to her.

  • LT: “Hello!”

  • OP: “Are you bored?”



After this person stepped forward claiming Leeteuk tried reaching out to her too, netizens have once again expressed their anger towards the star.

  • “Eww. This is super creepy.”

  • “Please act your age…This is seriously crazy.”

  • “I’m Lee Teuk, you should know me. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

  • “OMG. Is this some weird habit of his? Or is he just crazy?”


Since the beginnings of the #MeToo Movement, there has been a focus on how power and position can influence harassment. One study showed that power can affect our capacity to look at the perspectives of others and influence cases of sexual harassment.

“This is something crucial in understanding sexual harassment as perpetrators may be less capable of understanding the emotions of their victims. Power-holders exert different types of behaviors. Powerful individuals are more likely to be action-focused and make first moves.”

— Ben Boyer


And there are some netizens who think that this might be the case with Leeteuk.

  • “Men like this who obviously can’t take a hint are annoying and gross in general, but when I hear about celebrities doing stuff like this I feel disgusted. Like as a celebrity, I’m certain that he has plenty of attention and yet he chooses to continuously message people who aren’t interested? Why?”

  • “People like Leeteuk have power differentials with their hoobaes and the people mentioned might not want to rock the boat and have their reputation ruined either. Besides the justice system isn’t foolproof.”


On the other hand, there are still many other netizens who are supporting the idol and are questioning why the netizen just now stepped forward.

  • “No, but he can send DMs all he wants, why would she screenshot everything and release them? Does she want to ruin him that bad?”

  • “Why are you doing this?”

  • “Why is she only posting this now? It kind of seems like she’s set on destroying him or something.”

  • “I will take a stand against him if he really did harass someone but not because he simply DM’ed someone!”


Meanwhile, some ELFs have been doing a little digging of their own and are convinced that these messages are photoshopped. Especially since the account that posted the DMs has now been deleted.


Which is why they aren’t letting this impact their love for Leeteuk and have shown over and over again that they will continue to give him their full support.

Source: The Qoo and Forbes