Super Junior Member Kim Hee Chul Gets Extremely Candid And Shares Some Deep Confessions On A Radio Broadcast

He admits his personality doesn’t align with his career

On November 24th, Super Junior member Kim Hee Chul made an appearance on KBS Cool FM Kang Han Na’s Volume Up. It was here that he shared some interesting revelations about his life with all the listeners.

Still from “Kang Han Na’s Volume Up” | KBS Cool FM

The radio broadcast starts off on a lighter note with a listener asking Kim Hee Chul, “is there a reason why you only wear white t-shirts and jeans? Is it because if you try, you would look too cool?” To which the Super Junior member had a hilarious response:

Okay I’m embarrassed now. I actually tried to look cool today.

— Kim Hee Chul


Kim Hee Chul also answered on the radio broadcast how he truly felt about all the compliments regarding his looks and the burden that naturally comes with the attention.

Honestly, I get embarrassed. My visuals have gone downhill. It’s gotten to a point where I have considered getting shots done.

— Kim Hee Chul

He continues on about how he feels about being referred to as “the perfect celebrity” amongst netizens and fans.

It’s really awkward. I never should’ve been a celebrity or an idol due to my personality. I’m really shy and I’m pretty quiet. However, I realized that being a celebrity is a job title. The only thing I can do is to work on keeping my title. Even if I’m not polite, I want to live a courteous life.

— Kim Hee Chul

The Super Junior member also revealed the harsh reality behind being a celebrity and the constant need to look a certain way.

It’s getting harder to lose weight these days. That’s why I’m constantly dieting. Even when I drink, I don’t snack along with it.

— Kim Hee Chul

However, he shared with all the listeners tuning in the one thing he would never be able to give up, even in the midst of his dieting.

I can’t give up drinking so I sold my car. A lot of people know this fact actually.

— Kim Hee Chul


We always love and appreciate Kim Hee Chul’s transparency. Tune into the November 24th episode of KBS Cool FM’s Kang Han Na’s Volume Up to hear more of the Super Junior member’s interview.

Source: Nate and Zum

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