SUPER JUNIOR’s Ryeowook To Halt Lysn Dear. U Bubble Due To Malicious Messages

He has been receiving malicious replies on the app.

It has been recently announced that SUPER JUNIOR‘s Ryeowook will be halting his service on Lysn‘s Dear. U Bubble.

Dear. U Bubble is a paid subscription service that allows fans to receive exclusive messages and content from the artist. They also can send artists messages that the artists can read.

It was announced that due to the ongoing subscriptions, his subscription option will cease to exist from next month, on April 9, 2021 at 3pm KST. Following that, the 10 people group subscription option will also cease to operate.

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It was revealed that the decision was made by himself. Ryeowook revealed to fans through Dear. U Bubble that he has been receiving stress from continuous malicious replies through the service. He shared the unfortunate news that he would be halting his subscription service soon.

Fans were given instructions on how to unsubscribe the payment for the option before next month. The service will continue for current subscribers until then.

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Source: theqoo

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