Super Junior’s Sungmin Aids In His Wife’s Landslide Loss On “Miss Trot 2”

Yikes, she lost 11-0 😳

Kim Sa Eun, who has been competing on Miss Trot 2 lost by an unfortunate landslide in the most recent episode.

Kim Sa Eun’s profile for “Miss Trot 2” | TV Chosun

Musical actress, Kim Sa Eun has been competing on TV Chosun‘s Miss Trot 2 for the past few weeks. While she may have an incredible singing voice, she is most well known as the wife of Super Junior member, Sungmin. The two got married back in 2014, shocking the nation with their news.

Super Junior fans turned their backs on Sungmin for “betraying” them with his sudden announcement. They claimed that he failed to handle the situation appropriately, leading to Super Junior fans boycotting him. They have repeatedly asked for his removal from the group since his marriage. Sungmin and his wife have seemingly been blacklisted by the Korean public due to these various claims.


On the most recent episode of Miss Trot 2, Kim Sa Eun stood on stage to perform for the audience and the judges in a survival death match. While her singing was never a problem, it was Kim Sa Eun’s special guest for her performance that seemed to have had an influence on the results of the match.

She chose to sing a song by Sim Soo Bong called “I Really Really Like You”. It wasn’t her song choice or her vocals that got the attention of everyone, however, but her husband Sungmin. He made a grand entrance, exciting the audience and the judges.

Their chemistry was truly unmatched on the stage, proving their love for one another. It was a particular part during her performance, however, that got everyone out of their seats in disbelief. The married couple went in for a full smooch during Kim Sa Eun’s performance, shocking everyone.

Did something just touch?

— Miss Trot 2 caption

While the overall reactions seemed to be positive in the beginning, the true opinions of the judges were revealed as Kim Sa Eun was unable to come out with the victory.

Byul Sarang’s victory.

— Miss Trot 2

In the following scene, viewers can see how the judges voted individually and to everyone’s surprise, the results showed that Kim Sa Eun lost by a landslide. Every single judge voted against her, making it a 11-0 loss.

The married couple tried to remain positive, but couldn’t help express their sadness in her loss.

So disappointing…

— Kim Sa Eun

Naturally, Korean netizens had a lot to say about the entire situation. Many criticized her song choice and the couple’s PDA on stage.

| theqoo
  • “Their performance had no meaning. The song didn’t fit well with the performance. It would’ve been way better if he didn’t show up but he did and they did that ridiculous thing.”
  • “Don’t ever think about getting divorced you two. Please live together forever.
  • “What the…I can’t press it. Did I just watch a kiss performance on during a contest?”
  • “I’m not even a fan and I’m still shocked.”
  • “It’s like they think they’re still a tragic love story or something…”
  • “The results are solemn”
  • “Wow they’re really sh**”
  • “F**k their lips moved with the beat ha ha ha why am I embarrassed”
  • “Wow it wasn’t even just a little peck but it was f**king bad. Gross”
| @_liustudio_/Instagram

Despite all the malicious comments, it was nice to see Super Junior’s Sungmin on stage again. Let’s just hope that these netizens will learn to forgive and forget someday.

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