Super Junior’s Sungmin And His Wife To Be On “Wife’s Taste” Following “Miss Trot 2” Elimination

They will be talking about their controversial kiss.

Super Junior‘s Sungmin and his wife Kim Sa Eun will be on Wife’s Taste.


On January 19th, it has been revealed that Sungmin and his wife Kim Sa Eun will be featured on an upcoming episode of the TV Chosun‘s show, Wife’s Taste. TV Chosun revealed that they want to give Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun an opportunity to explain their controversial kiss performance that happened on Miss Trot 2.

Controversial kiss performance on “Miss Trot 2” | TV Chosun

It was just a few days ago that Kim Sa Eun performed for the last time on the stage of Miss Trot 2 for a death match round. She chose to sing “I Really Really Like You” and invited her husband Sungmin to join her on stage for a special performance. During the performance, however, the two shared a passionate kiss on the stage in front of the audience and the judges, shocking everyone. While the initial response was positive, netizens believe that the bold kiss was the reason behind her elimination. Kim Sa Eun lost the round with zero votes from the judges, losing 11-0 to her opponent.

Kim Sa Eun’s 11-0 loss | TV Chosun

Kim Sa Eun and Sungmin have been getting endless malicious comments since their Miss Trot 2 performance, which is unfortunately something that the couple is used to. Ever since they wed back in 2014, Super Junior fans have been vocal about their disappointment in the member, going as far as asking for his removal from the group. Since their wedding, the two have blacklisted from the public. While Sungmin is still a member of Super Junior, he has not actively promoted with the group since.


The couple has been cautiously coming back into the public eye and it seems that Kim Sa Eun’s appearance on Miss Trot 2 was exactly what they needed to get started. Stay tuned for Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun’s upcoming appearance on Wife’s Taste.

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