Super Junior’s Teasers For “Celebrate” Are The Definition Of Low Quality Images, High Quality Visuals

Their visuals never decline!

Super Junior is set to release their 11th full-length studio album, The Road : Celebration, on December 16. It will be their third release this year, and the second part of their The Road series, the first part of which — The Road : Keep On Going — came out on July 12.

Now over 17 years into their career, the legendary K-Pop group doesn’t show any signs of slowing down in releasing music for their loyal fans.

Super Junior | SM Entertainment

And with all of the members between the ages of 34 and 39, their visuals also don’t show any signs of declining even as some of the oldest still-active idols in the industry!

| SM Entertainment

This can be seen in the recently released individual teaser images for their upcoming album, with each member dressed and placed in a setting that are perfect for the festive season.

Heechul (Super Junior) | SM Entertainment
Siwon (Super Junior) | SM Entertainment

However, while the members themselves are getting complimented for their unageing handsomeness, the images themselves aren’t being received quite as well.

Yesung (Super Junior) | SM Entertainment
Donghae (Super Junior) | SM Entertainment

Some fans think that the images are too low-quality for an SM Entertainment group as iconic and respected as Super Junior, and that the setting looks like it had an extremely low budget.

Kyuhyun (Super Junior) | SM Entertainment
Eunhyuk (Super Junior) | SM Entertainment

The images were shared on a forum post online, where netizens voiced their disappointment in the quality of them.

Ryeowook (Super Junior) | SM Entertainment
Shindong (Super Junior) | SM Entertainment
  • “Hul it’s my first time seeing SM’s quality drop this low”
  • “The more I scrolled, the more I wondered whether it was a joke”
  • “If you looked closely at Leeteuk and Ryeowook’s pictures, you can clearly tell that they used paper to cover the cart ㅋㅋㅋㅋ No but if you’re not going to use the real props, you can at least not make it this obvious????? What is this ㅋㅋㅋ”
  • “I thought these were phone taken pictures…”
  • “Did they really shoot those with cameras worth thousands…”
  • “Seems like even SM starts neglecting you rather than treating you better with more seniority…”
  • “It’s giving Miracle in December in 2013 but with low photography and editing skills”
  • “SM cosplaying as your average small and broke agency with these pics 😍”
Leeteuk (Super Junior) | SM Entertainment

Some people, however, didn’t think the images were all that terrible, or praised the members’ visuals despite what they’re considering bad camera work.

  • “Yesung’s gorgeous”
  • “I like the MV teaser though… This is gonna be a cute christmas album 💖 I’m liking the sound already and I know their vocals will never disappoint. I can’t wait for the B-sides as well. Kings of mellow music”
  • “I don’t think they’re THAT bad. It’s just that SJ has become really active while doing album after album after album that it actually feels like they don’t, cause they haven’t been promoted well and because their concepts aren’t really “concepts”, those are just… Them haha. I like it tho but they kinda need to innovate a little or take some good risks”
  • “As a very old ELF… I just found it so pretty ahhaahhaaaaa”
  • “The photos look fine to me… Suju has been in industry for 17 years they don’t need anything flashy”

No matter what people think of the images, we’re glad to see Super Junior still being so active after all of these years and continuing to release great music!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa

Super Junior

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